Want to Buy your Dream Apartment or Bungalow? Want to stop paying Rent and want to shift to your own home? Tired of paying high interest rates for your home and want a Home Loan Transfer / Balance Transfer? Need a Top Up on your existing Home Loan?

We have the perfect solutions for you – Home Loans at really low interest rates so that your residence does not become a burden on you.

What is a Home Loan? 

It is a Secured Loan offered to home buyers against the security of that residential property which is funded by the Bank, NBFC or financial institution. It is one of the best ways of reducing immediate burden on an individual’s or company’s cash flows and stretches it across 20-30 years by adding the interest cost as ascertained by the lending institution.

Who is eligible for a Home Loan? 

 Salaried individuals

 Self-Employed Individuals: Business owners, Traders, Distributors, Manufacturers, Service providers, etc.

 Professionals with stable income and business

 Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies

What is the maximum funding that I can get for My Home? 

You can get anywhere between 75-100%* of your Home’s Agreement Value. When a Bank or NBFC lends to you for buying your Home, it usually requires you to pay an upfront payment of 0-25%* of the Agreement Value, depending on the property that you are purchasing, your financials, the documentation and the risk-bearing capacity & policies of the institution. In case your financials or documents seem insufficient, the financials of yourself and any of your immediate family or blood relatives or your firm or company can be combined for getting your Home loan.

What is the Rate of Interest (%) that I can get for My Home Loan? 

While Home Loan rates vary for different people and companies, our best home loan rate is 9.75% for loans below Rs. 30 lakh and 10-10.5% for loans above Rs. 30 lakh. However, interest rates are decided on a case-to-case basis and hence, we at Wealth Navigator strive to get the best interest rate especially for you.

What is a Home Loan Transfer or a Balance Transfer? 

When you have an existing Home Loan but want to take benefit of lower interest rates and/or better terms & conditions suggested by us, Wealth Navigator will help you shift to one of our offered solutions chosen by you. This will help you in reducing your EMI if you choose lower interest rates and/or make payment options easier so that it becomes much more convenient for you in the short as well as long-run.

A common mistake many make is when they see that the processing fees or stamp duty, to be paid for shifting to another Bank or NBFC, added to the proposed interest rate for one year is almost equal to the existing interest rate. However, the bigger picture should not be missed. In the long-run, you save a lot of monthly income which you can save for your child’s education, a long-awaited vacation, gifts for your family, investments and much more.

* Terms & Conditions Apply