Erection All Risks


Erection All Risks insurance policy provides a comprehensive coverage for erection projects during storage, erection and testing for the entire period of the project.

It is applicable to:

 Setting up a new project

 Expansion of an existing project

 Dismantling and re-erection of an existing facility

Who can take the policy?

 Purchaser(s) or Owner(s)


 Anyone with financial interest in the project

What do the add-on covers include?

 Own surrounding property

 Third party liability

 Cross liability

 Storage risk at fabricator’s premises

 Maintenance cover

 Clearance and removal of debris

 Express freight (excluding air freight), holiday rates, overtime charges

 Air freight

 Escalation of cost


 Act of Terrorism

 Additional custom duty i.e. the additional percentage of duty payable for reimport at the time of replacement, over and above the percentage of duty included in the original sum insured