Stocks or Shares are the most common and well known form of investment in the world and are preferred as the best route to long-term wealth accumulation.

We at Wealth Navigator, focus on cherry-picking High Quality Company Stocks which are fundamentally and technically strong. Our Model Fund – the Harvesting Value Investment Fund – has consistently beaten the benchmark Indian index by more than 50%. Our Investment strengths lie in comprehensive & unbiased research, top-notch stock picking, risk mitigation strategies & client-focused services which have helped our clients make robust returns on investments, beating the yields that other investment advisors and brokers have been able to provide.

Operations – Smooth & Convenient

For our clients who are comfortable with the Dial & Trade model, where they call our dealers and execute trades, we have facilitated a seamless
& smooth service through a simple number: +91-96543 10187

For those clients who like to trade by themselves online, we provide an online trading terminal with the latest updated softwares and real-time price updates.