In today’s digitalized world, Computational and Data processing electronic equipment has become critical for the speedy functioning of a business. Electronic Equipment insurance policy is designed to cover protection against unforeseen events leading to breakdowns and physical damages to the installed equipment.


Who can take the policy?

  1. Owner(s)
  2. Lessor / Lessee
  3. Anyone with financial interest in the equipment or machinery

What does it cover?

  1. Equipment
  2. External data media, including information stored thereon
  3. Increased cost of working

What do the add-on covers include?

  1. Own surrounding property
  2. Third party liability
  3. Express freight (excluding air freight), holiday rates, overtime charges
  4. Air freight
  5. Escalation of cost
  6. Earthquake
  7. Act of Terrorism
  8. Additional custom duty i.e. the additional percentage of duty payable for reimport at the time of replacement, over and above the percentage of duty included in the original sum insured